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The Esmé Original Jacket is a clothing company located in Nova Scotia, Canada. Only three to five jackets are produced from each fabric, and sometimes only one . . . making the garment truly “original”.   I search for, touch and love every piece I buy - beautiful wools, blends, jerseys, cottons, alpacas and cashmere.  The garments are produced in small quantities by professional seamstresses right here in the province and all Esmé designs focus on three things:  form and fit, quality finish and comfortable wear-ability. 


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Enjoy free shipping everywhere in Canada

Enjoy free shipping everywhere in Canada


Hello, my name is Pamela Matheson and I am the creator and designer of The Esmé Original Jacket.  I have designed and sewed all my life.  I remember sewing clothes for my Barbies when I was eight and sitting on a pillow to reach the sewing machine.  I remember sneaking off the school bus as a young teenager so I could browse the shops downtown, not to buy necessarily, but to look at clothes and figure out how they were put together.  Then I’d go home and make something!  I remember haunting the vintage shops for clothes that were classic and unusual. Good memories.


I’m creative and I see possibilities everywhere.  I am energized by colour, texture, unusual patterns and I let the fabrics take top billing. No matter what the garment is, it’s the fabric that makes the statement. And it’s my deep and forever love of fabrics that keeps me inspired. 


I invite you to enter my world, and if you’re like me . . .

you'll love everything you see!

Meet the Designer Pamela Matheson
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