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The name “Esmé” is an old Acadian name.  It’s a soft, gentle name yet strong and enduring.  That’s what I want to portray in my clothing.


Hello, my name is Pamela Matheson and I am the creator and designer of The Esmé Original Jacket. For a long time I had been increasingly put off by “cheap and cheerful”, throw-away clothing in the fast fashion world we live in.  I craved quality and originality and that’s what I was determined to accomplish.  I spent almost two years designing and developing the first jacket which I called the “Esmé Original Jacket”.  It had to be perfect in every way.  It had to be something that I would buy and I needed to be proud of it.  I gathered together a remarkable team of Nova Scotia seamstresses, studied the art of pattern making and started the search for quality fabrics.

My patterns are simple - the fabrics make the statement, and they speak volumes.  I purchase fabrics from around the world; I search for, touch and love every piece I buy.  I buy fabrics in small quantities, enough for three to five pieces in a particular fabric.  That way each garment is special. And sometimes, I only buy enough for one which makes it even more special – it’s original.  I call the clothing “limited editions” - because once sold, they’re gone forever. 


Women who wear black lead colourful lives.


I’m very proud to be able to say “Made in Canada” on my clothing label.  When buying from a Canadian designer/maker, a woman is purchasing much more than just a garment.  She’s buying hundreds of hours of work, many challenging and sometimes frustrating moments and a great deal of satisfaction.  She’s buying a piece of my heart.



 Buy less and buy better.  

We all want go-to pieces in our closet that we keep and love for years. I want to make the go-tos, the keepers,

the have-forevers.  


Joan Crawford once said “Care for your clothes like

the good friends they are”.

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